System & Network Integration

As a professional system integrator, we offer network analysis, design, installation and integration. Good networks should begin with good planning. We have years of firsthand experience in anticipating and preventing problems at the design stage. And we pay attention to every detail to ensure all installation and implementation runs smoothly.

Global Data is committed to delivering technology solutions that bring functionality and value to your organization. We specialize in the design and implementation of strategic system and network systems for businesses, educational institutions and government. Global Data’s success is built on a commitment to your satisfaction and a consistently high level of technical expertise.

At Global Data, we work with many vendors and virtually all types of network products, including file/Domain server, network switch and router, storage area network, print server, network operating system, email solution, database, network analysis and management tools.

Global Data can help you design and install a network that meets your current and future needs. We are sure that you will find our friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to tackle any job you might have!

Today’s network will not mean standalone network or LAN only. People can get information conveniently from interconnected networks. To achieve networks interconnected, We provide connectivity products like Routers and Remote Dial-In Solutions and security products. As a communication expert, customers can also find Quality of Service (QoS), Voice over IP (VoIP) and Videoconferencing solution from Global Data.

Global Data’s extensive experience in network design and installation has allowed us to become experts in the area of Network Security.We incorporate professional security practices into all of the networks we design. Our complete understanding of safe and secure network design, together with various firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and anti-virus products, Global Data will ensure that you have maximum protection on your data.